Saturday, October 18, 2008

記王永慶先生 Remembering Wang Yung-Ching

台北新店 王先生長大的地方 Hsintien, Taipei, the area of Mr. Wang's boyhood.


English Translation: Although I never met with Mr. Wang Yung-Ching face-to-face on even one occasion, he has left a very deep impression on me. I remember more than twenty years ago frequently hearing Mr. Wang’s name mentioned when working at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research in Taipei. Mr. Wang’s influence on and contribution to Taiwan’s economic development and its “economic miracle” was huge. Starting with a little rice store which he established with 200 yuan that he borrowed from his father, Mr. Wang eventually joined the Forbes magazine list of the world’s richest persons. In spite of this, Mr. Wang was not like “rich people” in general, but throughout his life was very frugal, very humble, was in no way extravagant, was very hardworking, and very kindhearted. In today’s society, such people are indeed rarely seen, and they are not necessarily welcomed by people in general. As one writer of old expressed it: “Being frugal is a beautiful virtue, but the customs and traditions that are popular in our society on the contrary look down upon it.” I will always with a thankful heart remember Taiwan’s great industrialist, namely, Mr. Wang Yung-Ching.

台塑的六輕 The Formosa Plastics Corporation's 6th Naphtha Cracker

長庚醫院(就是「平民」的醫院,也是我的醫院)王永慶先生的父親叫「王長庚」。 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, named after Mr. Wang's father, is also my hospital.

(Note: Mr. Wang Yung-Ching was a very prominent industrialist in Taiwan who recently died at the age of 91.)


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