Tuesday, July 22, 2008

北島 康介の200m平泳ぎの世界新記録 New World Record

北島 康介の200m平泳ぎの世界新記録
Kosuke Kitajima sets 2:07.51 WR in 200m Breaststroke

日本語:北島 康介 (きたじま こうすけ) 、1982年9月22日は、日本の男子競泳(平泳ぎ)の選手。アテネオリンピックの100m平泳ぎ、200m平泳ぎの金メダリスト。身長177cm、体重72kg。2008年6月8日、東京辰巳国際水泳場でのジャパンオープンの男子200メートル平泳ぎで、SPEEDO社のレーザー・レーサーを着用して挑み、5年ぶりとなる2分07秒51の世界新記録(0秒99更新)を樹立。

English summary: Kosuke Kitajima (北島 康介, きたじま こうすけ) is a Japanese swimmer currently aged 25 who presently holds the world record in the 200m (LCM) breaststroke. He first broke the breaststroke world record while still in his teens and won gold at the Athens Olympics in 2004 in both the 100m and 200m distances. Unlike some of his larger Western counterparts, he is only 177 cms tall (less than 5ft 10in) and weighs around 71 kgs. While the world records in these distances, particularly the 200m, have changed hands in recent years, Kitajima regained his 200m breaststroke world record in June 2008 at the Japan Open. His time of 2:07.51 shaved nearly a second off the previous record of 2:08.50 set by Brendan Hansen of the U.S. in 2006. He did it wearing the new Speedo LZR swimsuit. Hansen is considered to be his main rival in the breaststroke. Since the Japanese team will now be wearing the new Speedo suits, at least that puts them and the Americans on a level playing field as far as the Olympics this year goes. It will certainly be interesting to watch this race. Good luck, Kosuke, and everyone else who will be competing. You are all super swimmers!

中文:北島康介(1982年9月22日-)是一名日本游泳運動員,出生在東京,身高177公分,體重71 公斤,曾經獲得2004年夏季奧林匹克運動會的100米蛙泳與200米蛙泳的金牌。北島在蛙泳上最大的競爭對手是美國的 Brendan Hansen. 他雖然於2004年雅典奧運時在100米蛙泳與200米蛙泳擊敗 Hansen,獲得金牌,後來 Hansen 於2006年於200米蛙泳打破世界紀錄 (紀錄為2分08秒50)。可是,於2008年6 月8日在東京再一次以2分07秒51於200米蛙泳打破世界記録。真的是不可思意!

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Eileen Swanson said...

SO cool, I love swimming....I am so excited to watch the Olympics and watch some friends that I got to train with. Super cool stuff....thanks for keeping us updated on new World Records ;-)