Thursday, July 10, 2008

Natalie Coughlin Breaks Women's 100 Back World Record

美國的女子100米仰泳冠軍考格林 (Natalie Coughlin)
Natalie Coughlin recently broke the world record at the 100m backstroke, which also gave her a spot in that event at the Beijing Olympic Games. At Athens, she won gold in that event, too. Natalie grew up in California and is of Irish and Filipino ancestry.
I had the opportunity to briefly meet her when she visited Kona together with a team of girls from the University of California at Berkeley (her alma mater) one winter vacation, possibly the end of the year 2004. She was not swimming, as her foot was in a plaster cast. From this video, it is clear she is fully healed from that.
Today, I swam 3,900 meters, and most of it was good solid swimming. Only that, at the end, I was too tired to go better than 1m 30s in the 100m race against my friend. Well, I suppose we get tired sometimes.
Tomorrow I will be in Taipei and am not sure if I will swim. I will see what I feel like when I wake up.
Enjoy the video. Natalie is a joy to watch. Sad that the girl who got third and had swum really well during the trials doesn't get to go to Beijing. That's competition for you.

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