Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Happiness 天倫之樂

Back row: Morrison (left), James (right)

I think the most important thing about Christmas for our family this year was just being together and doing simple things like having brunch together. Christmas comes so quickly in Taiwan that a lot of people still don't realize that it has now already past. In the morning, I swam 1,500 meters at the pool in 67.5 F water. Hsiu-chin made the delicious lunch, and the boys cleared up afterwards. I was able to have a good rest.
Christmas brunch 聖誕節之早午餐

This morning (Sunday, Dec 28), I again went to swim at the outdoor pool. My swimming seems to be getting slower and slower, possibly because I feel I am in hibernation as far as swimming is concerned. I swam 2,100 meters in 68F water. This morning was a special day, and the other swimmers and their families prepared a delicious breakfast. It wasn't like corn flakes and bagels, but a large variety of different kinds of fine noodles, soups and various kinds of meat. There were also plenty of bananas, and they gave me a lot of them to eat, since they have often seen me eating them after my swims in the past.
Sumptuous breakfast at the swimming pool. 擺滿山珍海味的桌子

There are only a few days until the end of this year, and then I will need to set some goals and objectives for next year, which will no doubt be another busy year for me.


LeAnn said...

Oh thats kind of fun having a taiwan potluck. Is that the food that youre wife prepared for you for brunch? WOW. Everything is so organized. I usually throw everything together in a pot...must be the American influence.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that a lot of good looking food in this post and the one below! I like the idea of simply spending time with family during the holidays. Some people seem to make the holidays so unnecessarily stressful by doing too much or trying to second guess others' expectations, it seems.