Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me and My Computers

This is just a quick post about the computers I have had over the years. I bought my first computer (a 286 desktop) about twenty years ago. It could not run Windows or Microsoft Word, but it could word process and I kept it about ten years, since I was able to type on it at home and then convert the files to Word using the office computer.
Then I bought a secondhand notebook and it lasted a year when I was a student in Hawaii. So it served its purpose, even though its useful life was relatively short.
In 2000, I bought a new computer for about US$1,800 dollars, an Asus, which ran Windows 98 and had a DVD drive on it. I still have it (pictured). Although I can no longer take it anywhere, I can still use it as a second computer for scanning paper or photos with the help of a scanner.
In 2006, while still in Hawaii, I bought a Compaq (shown immediately above) which was one year old for US$700. Although it broke down within weeks of buying it and had to be repaired (which made me wish I'd never bought it), it surprisingly worked quite well after that, at least until a few months ago. Then it became increasingly troublesome. Not only did the screen start to deteriorate, but it would often freeze, I would lose work, etc., it was hard to start, and so on. I had hoped it would last a little longer, but in the end I realized I had to go out and spend money and get something. So I ended up getting what you can see below. I hope at least I can get my work done more efficiently and that I can make my blog look nice (when I have a bit more time). Don't ask me what make this one is. I don't know. Maybe if you look closely, you will see.
P.S. No Chinese post today. I have been so busy and so behind with everything. Will do so later.


ShirleyPerly said...

I see you got a Macbook! Hopefully it'll serve you well for a long time. My computers don't last more than 5-6 years mainly because the operating system becomes unsupported (the hardware still works fine).

LeAnn said...