Sunday, November 30, 2008

Water Getting Colder 水越來越冷

For the month of November, I mostly swam in the outdoor pool, covering a distance of 107,100 meters over the 30-day period. At the beginning of the month, the pool (water) temperature was around 77F and I would often keep swimming until I had to leave the pool. Then some cold weather caused the (early morning) air temperature to drop from about 73F to this morning's 56F. Over the same period, the water temperature also gradually fell, first to about 75F, then 73F, then 70F, then 69F and finally (so far) to 68F yesterday.


The Road to the Swimming Pool

Yesterday I felt cold the whole swim. The previous day (69F), I would still take rests between sets, but yesterday I did not want to stop. Yesterday I just swam 2,500 meters non-stop, taking about 55 mins 15 seconds. After I got out of the water, I headed straight for the hot showers. I must have been cold as I could hardly feel the hot water.

The building that is part of the swimming pool complex


A great place to study or work right next to the pool

Although the water temperature in the outdoor pool will continue to fall, I really like the pool’s surroundings. After swimming, I can find a very comfortable and quiet place under the sun’s warm rays to get on with my work. In this way, I can happily spend an hour or two there before getting on my bicycle and heading home.

Cheng Ching Lake seen through the trees


And the best of British luck! (Where did you see so many minis together?)


LeAnn said...

The road to swimming looks so peaceful...I love all the minis!!! Thats really cold Bruce...youre a beast for swimming...brrrrr. I wouldnt get in if you paid me.

ShirleyPerly said...

Below 70 is definitely too cold for me. But, I have seen people swimming in such temperatures both in La Jolla and in Austin (there's a freshwater spring that averages 68 degs all year around). I don't know how they do it. Maybe people get used to it as they do living in colder weather areas?

Cute Mini photo! My husband drives a Mini.

tt said...


Mark said...

morning Bruce
how doing
check out the swim therapy post on my blog, should be woeth posting here too, its a good presentation by Nigel Kube..
Hey...I am almost at the dreaded 4 0 !! 1 week to go

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