Monday, November 17, 2008

Using Hand Paddles 使用劃水板

在游泳池附近所看美麗的日出 Beautiful sunrises seen near the swimming pool
我幾乎天天會化一點時間穿上劃水板游泳。主要的原因就是好的劃水板可以協助矯正姿勢及游泳技巧,以及加強強化手臂肌耐力。因為會降低水阻,而且會讓划水更順暢,所以游泳的速度會加快,真的會讓我覺得很過癮!喜歡使用TYR牌 “Mentor” 的劃水板。紅色 (L) 比較適合高級女性泳者,藍色 (XL) 適合高級男性泳者。你游的速度並不重要,要看你的姿勢好不好,你的手多大等等。

TYR牌 “Mentor” 的劃水板:紅色 (L)、藍色 (XL) TYR “Mentor” Paddles: Red (L) and Blue (XL)

I spend a little time almost every day swimming with hand paddles. The main reasons for this is that good hand paddles can help correct one’s stroke and swimming skills, as well as strengthen one’s arm muscles. Because the paddles reduce the water resistance, while increasing the smoothness of the stroke, the speed at which one swims will also increase. This really makes me feel really great! I like to use the TYR “Mentor” brand of hand paddles. The red color (L) is more suited to high-level female swimmers, while the blue color is best for high-level male swimmers. How fast you swim is not really important. Instead, you need to see how good your technique is, how big your hands are, and so on.

Using the Red (Large) Hand Paddles 使用紅色 (L) 劃水板

Before using the hand paddles, I will first swim some distance before I put them on. For example, this morning I first swam 3,000 meters without the paddles, and after that swam 1,000 with the paddles on. Because wearing the paddles can make me swim faster, I just needed 17m 24 secs to complete the thousand meters with them on.

游泳水的溫度現在23C-24C 左右。 The pool’s water temperature is currently 73F-75F


ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for the post about hand paddles. I have some very basic square ones that someone gave me. I noticed immediately that my hand entry position needed improvement when using them and how much more power I could generate. Great tool and perhaps I'll get some better ones soon.

Still jealous of that wonderful pool you have. Mine may soon be as cold but never as big!

LeAnn said...

I just notice you have tiles on your pool floor...nice big pool it.