Friday, November 21, 2008

Training with the Best 跟最好的人一起訓練

As the temperature drops and I get to experience winter, my swimming training changes emphasis, at least a little.
In addition to (currently) swimming about 3,500 meters each day in water around 22C (71F), I also practice my surfboard catch and pull at home in the outdoor half of my office.

I also spend some time each day replaying the freestyle races held at the Beijing Olympics on a large flat screen. I watch things such as swimming style, turns off the wall, etc.
As I study my swim coach Karlyn's freestyle DVD, I pay even closer attention to the swimming techniques of these Olympic swimmers. Here are some snapshots of the TV action:
The start of the ladies' 50 meters freestyle. Dara Torres (aged 41) took silver, losing to a young German girl by 100th of a second. 女子一百米決賽。Dara Torres (41歲)拿到銀牌。

Campbell (left 左), Torres (right 右)

Frontal view of Grant Hackett of Australia, the Olympic 1,500 meter record holder.

Rebecca Adlington of the U.K. broke Janet Evans' world record (since 1989) in the 800 meters free. Her stroke is definitely worth watching!

At the turn in the 100 meter men's freestyle. Note Alain Bernard's (right) feet are firmly planted on the wall with a wide stance to get maximum push (as are the feet of Eamon Sullivan, the world record holder (left).

Alain Bernard celebrates victory in the 100 free. If you watch the video of the race, you will notice slight differences in style. Sullivan's elbows are straigher than Bernard's when out of the water (but they are not straight during the catch and pull).
If you want to get good at something, then learn with the best.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, you are certainly a student of the sport. Nice to see you making good use of your stretch cordz and the KPN DVD. I just lent my DVD to my sister so she could hopefully improve her swimming.

My pool is now about 76 degs. I actually prefer it to 82 degs it was before. Just wish the air temp would be warmer. We had a cold front drop them down into the 60's. Warmer in the pool!

LeAnn said...

I think its time for a wetsuit!!!!! Its cold here to...mornings especially. Have a good thanksgiving!!!

Karen said...

I don't know how you can swim in such cold water! Brrrrr! Randy and I just got back from our traditional ocean swim at the pier. It was a great swim. My first in awhile since my injury.
Well have a happy Thanksgiving.