Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Dinner

There appear to be plenty of restaurants with delicious Japanese food within about 10 minutes by car from our house.

In Taiwan, many people hardly notice the coming of Christmas, and in recent years, including this year, it is not regarded as a public holiday, and so most people still go to work on Christmas day, just as if it were any other work day. Today (Christmas Eve), we as a family went out to dinner, at a Japanese restaurant that James and Morrison had chosen. Here are a few pictures so you can see what we ate.
Morrison and friend A-Kin are busy ordering even more delicious food.

These little black fish eggs were particularly tasty (魚子醬軍艦)

Hsiu-chin enjoyed eating the little Japanese "salad", which included rice, fish, seaweed and other sumptuous ingredients.
Salty cooked salmon on sticky rice (for real!) (鹽燒鮭魚)

Lastly, we made sure that the cat would not miss out on the delicious raw fish. Note that her claws are extended as she makes sure she maintains a firm hold on my hand!


LeAnn said...

OMG...I love this. I love sushi and asian cuisine...I want to move to Asia.

Dolphin Boy said...

Mele Kalikimaka to you Bruce and your family!!

LeAnn said...

My normal routine for the last 20 years back home in Hawaii was working on Christmas Day - all day all one wanted to work that day. Im not into holidays anyways. So Turkey or Spam? I say Spam. It's cheaper and easier to cook.