Sunday, May 11, 2008

4,200 meters and Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Breakfast: Hsiu-chin, Bruce, Morrison and James celebrate in our home with pancake, fried bananas, sausages and other delicacies all prepared by James.
This morning I got to the pool about 6:15 am, and swam comfortably (no shoulder pain), but generally slower. I tried what was to be an almost moderate 200m early in on, but my pace was barely what I would normally be doing 1,000m. So today was a little sluggish, but I clocked up the laps and did quite a lot of flip turns, some better than others. At least I am getting a little less fearful of banging my head on the wall. At the end of the swim, my friend challenged me to a 100m race, but I clearly could not really move, and he beat me by about half a length. I guess my arms just felt a little tired. According to my calculations, I swam 28,100 meters in the last six days (tomorrow will be my day off due to the pool's closure).
After about two months of swimming, I feel and maybe look a little stronger. Today, in spite of feeling a little tired from training, I felt really good. I know if I had more time to indulge in training, I could do more like bike and perhaps run, but I have noticed that I have not been so serious about my work in recent weeks and my income has dropped. At least I suffered from workaholism before, so a bit of triaholism will probably do me some good.
I have also spent time reading more people's blogs in recent days and weeks. Unfortunately, I don't know many people of my generation who have blogs that I can read, and so I have looked at a lot of blogs of people almost half my age. With all the pics and stories of what triathletes have been doing thousands of miles away I have often wondered where my reality is in life. I guess some of the people on whose blogs I have commented have also wondered who this old guy is who keeps looking at their blogs. So, to introduce myself a little more, here is a picture of me and my family. Our two sons prepared a sumptuous breakfast for my wife, Hsiu-Chin, for Mother's Day, which we ate in the kitchen of our new home. This is the reality of life for me, despite my believing that anime is real and that achieving some elusive goal as a triathlete is real, too. And, for the many mothers, who are also triathletes, housewives, career women and the rest of it, let me thank you all for being the extraordinary people you are. My life is basically very simple. I just swim, eat, do some work and rest, blog a little, and that's all.

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