Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thinking More about Nutrition

Today (Sunday) I had my last swim of the week (only five this week) and since I covered 4,300 meters, that brought my total for the week to about 20,800 meters. This morning, I had 1 hour 40 minutes left when I got into the water. After about 1 hr and 5 mins I was at 3,000m, mostly just cruising freestyle. Then I got a lane to myself as luck would have it, and I rested a minute and swam 400m in 7m 13s. Maybe a little too relaxed. But I did feel hungry on it. So I rested another 90s or so and then swam 200m in 3m 19s. That was a better pace, but I still felt like I was on an empty tank of gas. Finally after 500m of controlled hand paddles, I did a slow motion 50m, and waited about 2 minutes until my friend challenged me to a race. This time I said I only wanted to do 50m. The lifeguard timed us and started us off. I just tried to throw my hands forward as fast as I could. The lifeguard claimed I did it in 40 secs (against 39 for the other guy). So at least that was a good way to finish. I biked a little (about 3 miles) before I got home, but I got home fairly quickly so that I could eat breakfast.
I hope that I can eat a little more and not just feel hungry a lot of the time. I think in the past I often ate in communal situations like in Hawaii where for anything relatively good (like a chicken burger or a jacket potato) they would have a sign "One per person". So I always felt bad about eating a lot more than the "average" person. So the little old ladies would eat "one per person" and since they had a very sedentary life would be almost twice their ideal bodyweight. However, I would eat often having swum about 1.5 miles and biked about 35 miles, and so even though I would sometimes steal the extra jacket potato, I was usually mistaken for an anorexic.
The friend whose house my son and I stayed with yesterday who is into bodybuilding big time (even getting his coach faxing him his workouts and having umpteen containers of protein powder shipped to him from the US), appeared to eat about 10 meals a day. A snack for him sounded like a reasonably big meal for me. Anyway, I don't want to get big. Just I don't want to always feel like I am swimming without any fuel in the tank.
Tonight (in Taiwan) is the big night to tune into the St. Croix Triathlon. I hope there are good live updates.

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