Sunday, May 25, 2008

Swimming 30,750m This Week!

At the beginning of this month, I set myself swimming goals for the next 12 months or so, and, as I wrote yesterday, after four weeks of consistent training, I believe I am already swimming better than I ever did before in Kona (at least on the longer distance swims)! I occasionally use these TYR Mentor "M" hand paddles at the end of a swim to check on my alignment (my hands seem to be outgrowing this pair!)

Seeing so many good-looking triathletes as I read other people's blogs, it has always been hard for me to post something of myself, as maybe looking at myself in a picture will discourage me. However, I know I am improving and so, having been warming up the last few weeks, I have decided to post of picture of myself as a kind of "Before" shot, as I get ready for my "real training". Just a passing note, I swam 4,300 meters this morning, which makes it 30,750 meters over the last six consecutive days (Monday is "pool closed" day). I don't feel any discomfort at all.

My "real training" is, D.V., to train consistently at swimming through regular and useful workouts, while also developing the right mental attitude. For the former, I will mostly train in the 25m indoor pool (pictured here), and possibly eventually do a few ocean swims if the setting is right for it. For the latter, I will read the blogs of my friends and imbibe the wisdom of people who know how to inspire and who are constantly reaching new heights. In addition, I will try to live a balanced life (of eating, working, resting and family life, etc.) so that my training does not become an excuse for not doing the things in life that are equally or more important.

In Kaohsiung, I am slowly getting to know more people at the pool and, while we have not started an English Channel or Florida Keys training program, I have met several swimmers so far who swim all four strokes with good technique, who more or less train every day, and while they have not thought much about racing or that they could become a lot faster with consistent training, one never knows what the future may hold. I think they all know about the swimmers at the Olympics, but I don't think that they previously realized that some old guy close to retiring age like me could actually be swimming about 5k at a session and preparing to improve significantly and race the best in an open water competition in Hawai'i hopefully next year. Look out guys, here I come!

The picture below shows the friend that I race over 100m at the end of my swims (I always lose!). The red cap and speedo indicate that he is a swim coach and lifeguard, too. It is he who has helped me get to meet the other keen swimmers at the pool.


LeAnn said...

I like those pictures. Your pool looks so sun and warm bath water...maybe you could start a masters program over there. Im sure alot of people would be interested!

Bruce Stewart said...

I used to think indoor pools were only for cold climates. However, I think they are necessary for really hot climates, too (at least as an option)! Even some simple black netting stretching high above the pool (as in some outdoor pools in Taiwan) can help hide the sun's rays and protect kids around the middle of the day especially during the summer break.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hey there - just found your blog! Thanks for the comment on mine :) WOW - you are a SUPER dedicated swimmer! That is AWESOME! I am working on my swimming... but I am really impressed - GREAT! And what made me really happy to read is that you're feeling GREAT (ie no injury and stuff). That is phenominal, my friend! Wonderful pictures... what a beautiful area you live in. And FYI - nice photo! You are ripped!

Mark said...

nice blog
just came across it today
good luck
take a peep at mine if you have time, many thanks