Sunday, April 27, 2008

8 Missing Divers Rescued 8潛水客 全部獲救

View of the Pacific Ocean from the beach at Chialuoshui, in Southern Taiwan. The missing divers were rescued further along the coast here. Photo by Bruce Stewart.

Although the English newspapers this morning said that the 8 divers who had been missing off the southernmost tip of Taiwan for 30 hours had still not been found (which was causing me to lose hope), the Chinese press early this morning reported that they had been found and rescued in the early hours of this morning.

After staying together holding hands in groups of four, one of the stronger male swimmers decided to swim towards the shore (Taiwan is pretty mountainous), leaving the others after midday and swimming and drifting until well after dark. Upon reaching land he was able to alert authorities and based on the information he provided the search and rescue helicopters were able to locate and rescue all the others. Apparently they are all well. So that is a really good piece of news, especially considering one of the two women had children in the local international school and therefore many people I know would know her.

The Chinese report is as follows:

8潛水客 全部獲救
更新日期:2008/04/28 04:09 (Source: Independence Morning Post)

教練獨泅10小時 上岸求救


tiffany. said...

hey there, i've been reading forums and everything online about the 8 missing divers. i'm actually the daughter of the 44 year old woman, lee su ling. i'm just wondering how you knew that the had two kids going to mak though? online articles are a lot different from the news in i don't know whats going on there. i do know that there are teachers taking care of my siblings in taiwan now though, and that my mum's face is half black half white or something? hahahaha. please tell me what you know on my blog alright. thanks.


Bruce Stewart said...

Hi Tiffany:
How I found out about the link between the diving incident and MCA? Well, my wife Jocelyn was in Kenting with some people with kids in MCA when it happened. The next day, before my wife returned, I heard at church that some people had gone missing either snorkeling or scuba diving, and my first reaction was one of slight fear, as I wondered if my wife would have gone in the sea. I phoned her soon after and she explained. She was very concerned because we know a lot of people with kids at Morrison, and also many teachers there. It is not like it is just some other people. Both my wife and I have attended life-saving courses, and I am a serious swimmer, and quite experienced at longish ocean swims. So we feel a closeness with people who share similar interests. My wife said she really prayed a lot over the weekend. I wrote on my blog on the Sunday that I was losing hope, but then I found the Chinese news the next morning. I was so relieved after that. I am sure you must be, too. A little sunburn is a small price to pay for what looked like turning out to be a lot worse. I am so glad one of the men decided to swim to the shore. That probably made the difference.