Thursday, April 3, 2008

Swimming is Improving - Slowly

Today I swam 400 meters in the local pool in 7m17s. The important thing here is that is was better than my time last week of 7m32s. I would probably have to be over a 100 years old to qualify for the Masters. Still, that is not the point. I am getting nearer to my current goal of breaking 7 minutes. I was not racing and so there was not a lot of adrenalin involved, and I just wore a cheap pair of bathers with more drag - why let the chlorine ruin an expensive suit?
I feel quite tired with all this swimming. It affects my work, as when I should be working I am either in the pool or lying on my bed. However, it may help me live longer, so I will still get my work done. The last three days I have swum just over 4 miles.
I will miss the Lavaman on the Big Island of Hawaii. But I will read the new reports and some of the blogs after the race. So even though I can't be there, at least I will feel almost as if I was. Hope you guys out there have a great race there.

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