Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things I see most days in Kaohsiung

Well, living in the city of Kaohsiung can be challenging at times with the high rises, noise, traffic, pollution, you name it. However, as with everywhere I go, I try to make the most of it. We have a nice home with five storeys, and the top floor serves as my office. However, as I like to get outside, I will often spent some time at a nearby lake. The lake is conveniently situated between our home and a 25m indoor swimming pool with saunas and a jacuzzi as extra. It takes at most 10 minutes of leisurely cycling to get to the pool. I now wonder where I would be without it. Here are a few photos of what I see each day:
Yes, that's my bike for getting around. This is the Golden Lion Lake which is very close to our house. During the daytime, it is possible to find one or two quiet spots in the shade with a good view, which can serve as a good place for doing some work, like finalizing a translation.
This is the year of the mouse, and there are plenty of reminders of this here.
The lake is a nice change from the roads and high rises almost everywhere else.
I made a new friend the other day. I need to do some research, but it is possible this turtle has been around quite a long time. It gave me quite a lot of inspiration, mainly its unhurried approach to life and giving plenty of time to reflect on things.

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