Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Average Day

Just like yesterday, I went to the swimming pool leaving home about 6:20 am. I still felt a little stuffy with a cold, but as I started to swim I did not really feel it. I tended to swim fairly easy, although fairly late in the 3,150 meter workout I did a 400m in 7m15s, only really pushing hard the last 50m or so. Once again the focus was on technique. I used the paddles for about 400m and was about to get out when a couple of guys challenged me to a 100m "race". I said I wasn't going to go fast, and I swam fairly comfortably to take second place.

I need to work on my flip turns more. I am almost getting them. I watched a few on YouTube and will try to use them when swimming shorter distances. Ultimately, in an ocean swim I don't need them, but I will try to incorporate them for now into my occasional speed work.

What I have enjoyed about the training I have been doing is that I have been relaxed. I have not seen other people in the pool as being in my way, and I have not been too concerned if I can cover all the distance I want while at the pool. Coach Steve in Kona used to encourage me to smile. I think he thought I took swimming too seriously. If I did a race and I did not feel happy about my performance, I would get despondent. I would then worry about my swimming, instead of just having fun and trying to train better. In Masters' workouts, I would often start out too hard. I always felt I had to keep up with certain people, and so I was always driving myself too much. Now I tend to swim a lot more relaxed and feel I am focusing more on technique and a gradual build-up during the workout. I am getting more feel for the water, and at times it seems like I am moving through the water faster while appearing to swim more slowly.

This evening, I got the results of the blood test yesterday. Generally speaking, there was nothing unusual to me. Some results were a little abnormal, but I am abnormal in that regard, so I was able to reassure the nurse that it was just like that anyway. One thing of interest was the cholesterol result: 134. Yesterday, I wrote about having a score of 135 two years ago. Of course, the tests may not be exactly the same. I have not been eating as well here as in Kona as I often have to cook it here and don't want to eat too much greasy stuff off the street. However, I am glad that the exercise and trying to eat more sensibly are paying off.

On the Internet I saw that Gary Player (whom I referred to a couple of days ago), said that much poor health especially in old age can be avoided through exercise and a good diet. I see a lot of old people every day near where I live who are in pretty poor health. It is a real tragedy.
The photo posted today is the view from my 5th floor home office window. Maybe not the most inspiring, but at least I am not looking at neon lights. Life is actually quite good here. One adjusts to new circumstances.

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Hi Bruce,

Go to and check out all swim techniques under the video tab. Pretty good stuff.