Wednesday, June 4, 2008

連續三天下大雨! 3 Days of Heavy Rain!

傾盆大雨! Raining cats and dogs!


(English translation: Today was much the same as yesterday, except that the rain seemed heavier. It was really raining cats and dogs! This was not an occasional shower here and there, but rain all day long! After I got to the pool, I first swam 1,000m by myself, and then switched to another lane, where a friend who has pretty good freestyle technique and swims fast was already swimming. Therefore, I swam another 1,000m, this time with my eyes on the clock, covering the distance in 18 mins 20 secs. After this, and to help my shoulders not feel too tired, I sometimes took rests, but when I did not take these rests, I swam faster than I normally do (for instance, 10 x 50m with 3 to 5 seconds of rest in between each one). Today I even swam a little butterfly, and that made my shoulder feel really comfortable! Finally, two of my friends and I raced over 100m and I got second place (1:32). Today I swam a total of 4,000 meters and really felt great afterwards. After I had finished swimming, yet another friend said I was very thin. This makes me think, if I can eat a little more, then I will be able to swim faster!)
多吃一點兒,就可以游地更快!Eat a little more, and then you can swim faster!

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Cricket said...

Wow I wish we'd get some nuch needed rain like that!
Thought I'd check out your page too! Your life sounds very interesting.
Thanks again for the nice post-