Friday, June 6, 2008

Hanging in there!

Not really a post, as it is late and I need some good sleep before my Saturday morning swim workout. This morning I swam a total of 4,000 meters, my stroke was smooth, but overall I was a little slower than usual. I guess I am a little tired, but my shoulder felt better than earlier this week, so hopefully I am on the mend.
Tonight Hsiu-Chin and I attended a performance in Kaohsiung presented by Chuck and Doni Antone, who run the Kona Coast Chaplaincy, which is a small church that meets on the lawn next to the ocean behind the Kona Inn in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. They were indeed a little surprised to see us. We had met them on several occasions while in Hawaii. So it made me miss Kona. Now I need to really focus on my training and keep at it, and hopefully next year it will be "Hawaii, here I come!" even if only for a short time.
One good piece of news today is that it did not rain today, so things are slowly drying out and normality (i.e., everyone being able to go about doing their business) is returning again. The Dragon Boat Festival will be on Sunday. I hope to get a few pictures of the boat races.


LeAnn said...

What are they doing there???

I love anything NEON plus Im the product of the 80's so that was so in.

Patrick said...

Hi Bruce....

I like your count down timer for Hapuna!! Clever.

Glad you liked the little video i created for Bree...hope it helps her towards Ironman Japan and a Kona spot!