Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swimming and More Rain

The following picture which I found on the Internet was taken along the east coast of Taiwan between Hualien and Taitung. It looks inviting, but if the beach is more or less deserted, it could be dangerous going in alone. However, it is possible to cycle along this coastline in Eastern Taiwan and constantly see views like this.

As usual early Sunday mornings, I went to the pool and swam a total of 3,750 meters (for a total of 23,800 meters for this week). I noticed both today and yesterday that while I generally swam fairly slowly and intended to do something fast at the end, my arms felt like toast when it came to trying to go quickly shortly before exiting the water. Well, perhaps I did push fairly hard earlier on in the swim workouts. However, I feel I need to do something to move up to the next level. Maybe I need to eat more. It seems I am just slacking off a little in terms of getting the kind of nourishment I need.

In recent days and weeks, blogging has also used up quite a lot of my time. Not that that is bad, as it really does help me keep in touch with certain friends and to some extent with the outside world. However, maybe I can be a little more disciplined in the amount of time I spend working on my own entries and also "surfing" through other people's blogs.

At the moment I seem to be a little behind on things, like getting various jobs done such as tidying up my office. I feel quite sleepy a lot of the time. No doubt a long swim workout and constant rain have a lot to do with it. Tomorrow is my day off, as far as training is concerned. However, I will need to use the extra time to try to catch up on my work. Other than that, there is not much to write about today, which is probably a good thing.


Patrick said...

Wow Bruce, you have fantastic scenery to look at while riding!! I thought Hawaii was spectacular!

Enjoy your day off from training and catch up on much need "chores" etc.

I too find myself "surfing" other blogs too often and need to cut back a little!!

Aloha from Kona..

Brooke Myers said...

Your view is incredible - I agree with Pat.
I was thinking the same thing the other day about how much time I spend on blog.
I haven't been good at collecting my thoughts lately, so limited on the writing and updating (which is good), but I still find myself "surfing through" other's blogs which actually seems to take up more time than my writing.

I guess we could be doing other things.. hopefully for you tomorrow what needs to be done gets done.

Mark said...

hi Bruce
I saw this and thought of you
will blog this weekends trip Dover later today or tonight