Monday, June 16, 2008

A Picture is a Thousand Words

Today, so far, I have managed to get on with my work fairly well. No swimming today as Mondays the pool is closed. It has been raining hard, too, so I did not even go out to mail something at the post office.

Our sons have recently found some of the photos of themselves in their pre-school years, and have been looking at them and laughing about how they looked then. I also found one of myself, taken before they were born and before I was married (though my wife and I were already friends and she came to see me dressed in this garb).

It all started when one of the (Chinese) language schools I was attending told us about preparing some skits/acting for an evening's performance. I played a character from the Ming dynasty, and I had to sing in the Taiwanese dialect to a nice looking American woman who sang back to me and played the role of a lover. My Taiwanese (dialect of Chinese) was very limited at that time, and so I had to rely very much on memory. When it came to the performance, I got the fright of my life as I got on stage and the curtains opened. The whole theater was completely packed with people and the TV cameras were all pointed at us. I froze about half way through for what seemed like an eternity as I forgot my lines. Anyway, I resumed, and I don't think people were anywhere as concerned as I was. They all had a good laugh. The character I was playing (Wu San Kuei) was a short guy, and it must have been funny for the Chinese audience to see someone who looked more like John Cleese than a Chinese official.

All this happened a long time ago, and I think everyone has forgotten about it. My picture can be seen on the Internet though, by clicking here (upside down for some reason!). A long time ago I edited a book for a publishing company and they decided to use this picture on the cover. This is the kind of thing that would never had happened to me if I had just lived in the UK for the whole of my life, and most likely not in the US, either.


Patrick said...

Great photo!! That must have been fun!

Nice swimming pool! must take forever to get in and get out of that pool!!

Only raining in late afternoon.

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