Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clear Skies Again!

View from the lanai (陽台) behind my home office.
While we did have a heavy shower of rain today, at least it was generally a nice day with clear skies and slightly lower temperatures for this time of year.
This morning I went to swim as usual, and got in a workout of 4,300 meters, which included a little speed work, as I am trying to get a little faster on the shorter distances. My shoulder was a little sore from trying to go fast, so I will be a little more careful tomorrow. Meanwhile, I mainly just tried to get on with my work today, although the swimming did make me a little tired (so I needed a rest after lunch), and also a little hungry. I guess I am still not eating enough, as I have felt hungry several times today. It is not that I am constantly craving food. I tend to eat very boring food, but it is when I eat boring things like boiled potatoes that I tend to feel more full. A nice looking and tasty meal often leaves me hungry a couple of hours later. I certainly cannot expect to do some longish swims unless I can get in the habit of eating more. I don't know why it is hard, but it is maybe because I just don't really have the time to go all the way downstairs to prepare and eat something.

The heavy rains caused some flooding in parts of the city, but fortunately we never seemed to be threatened where we are here. Some of our stuff is a little damp, though, because the wind blew a lot of moisture in through the open windows.

Well, it's just a short post today, and probably I'll do the same tomorrow.

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Randy said...

Hey Bruce, glad you had a nice day of weather. Rain can get dreary after a while. Where I'm from originally it basically rains from october through june nearly nonstop. I've been neglecting my swim lately to focus on the upcoming marathon.

My flip turns are coming along however. Before Honu I was swimming 7 days a week. Now I'm down to 4 or 5 days a week, but I did do a morning and evening swim today. Take care.