Sunday, June 29, 2008

Easy Swim: 29,100 Meters for the Week

Today I swam shorter and relatively easy, although I did speed up towards the end. First, I swam 3,600 meters non-stop in 1 hr 30 minutes, and then after some minutes in the jacuzzi and a slow warm-up, I raced my friend over 100 meters. Although I thought I should do fairly well, at the first turn he was already a good second ahead. He pulled further and further away on the last 25 meters. When we looked at the times, he went 1m 22s to my 1m 26s, so although I lost, I still beat my recent record, and it was probably my PR for 100 in SCM. After about a minute, I raced my friend's friend over 50 meters. I lost that, too, but I got the satisfaction of doing it in 39 seconds. So, I am still slowly improving. It makes me tired, and I can hardly think as I write this, and so today I'll keep it short. My total distance swimming today was 3,950 meters, and my total for this last week (six consecutive days) was 29,100 meters. Today is my day off. When I wake up, the Kona Marathon will be over for most.

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Mark said...

Hi Bruce, sound like you have had a busy week, thanks for adding the misic to your blog, some of it is just what I needed, I now e only 6 weeks to go before the start of my tides, so its all happening in the very near future, this week is going to be very tough, I am hoping to swim for 6 hours on Saturday in Dover harbour and then maybe 5 on Sunday, that said I am trying to mentally prepare myself for 7 hours just in case that is what I am requested to do. Have a good rest day and eat well..just a thought.......thank goodness for tiger balm!