Thursday, June 5, 2008

游泳與美容! Swimming and Cosmetics!


(English Translation: It continued to rain heavily for yet another day! That's already four days in a row, and it is starting to bug me! Today I swam a total of 3,900 meters, not fast, and it seemed I lacked vigor, but at least my shoulders felt a bit more comfortable. After finishing swimming, a friend introduced me to someone who had previously coached Taiwan's Olympic swimming team. It was indeed a great honor to be able to get to know this person. I also heard that Taiwan occasionally organizes a 3,000 meter ocean swim race. I hope that one day I can take part in it!
Because it rained all day today, which made our sons and me feel very bored, we all attended the Mary Kay beauty class that Hsiu-chin held in our house!


BreeWee said...

Ha ha ha, I love the photos, so much funny! HILARIOUS stuff... this is cracking me up!
I have to tell Harry to look at you with make-up on!

Yep, Hapuna is right around the corner and we would love you to be here.

I thought of you today... I had a LONG swim, I thought back to all the swimming you do and felt totally encouraged... I am glad to keep in touch with you through the blogs!

tt said...