Friday, June 27, 2008

Swimming Still Improving

Today I think I felt the effects of swimming the past three days and I was slightly slower or at least I found it harder to maintain the pace of the other days. I took just over 1hr 31 minutes to swim 4,550 meters, and then I rested for a few minutes before warming up for the "race" against my friend. He very quickly gained a small lead over me which he extended particularly over the last 25m. In the end he went about 1m 24s to my 1m 27.5s. Considering I felt a bit tired, I was quite pleased with my result. The turns were better, although I still need to streamline them more. With the long swims I am not getting very anaerobic, meaning that I recover relatively quickly after these short swims. Obviously I need a bit more speed work if I am to lower my times on these sprints.

In general, I am seeing improvements in my swimming, not necessarily in times, because since I am not really doing races it is hard to know how much effort I am really putting into going fast. However, the times are slowly improving and I am feeling stronger. While I have not done much in terms of land exercises, mostly due to lack of suitable equipment and also to avoid injury, all of the focused swimming has increased my ability to pull through the water more firmly while also feeling more relaxed.

My training does not just consist of the almost two hours I spend at the pool almost six days per week. Feeding myself during the rest of the day is extremely important, and shoveling yet more potatoes down my throat requires just as much discipline as the 100m race against my friend. Knowing when and for how long to rest each day at home is also essential, if I am going to get the most out of each day. I don't have the time to lie around doing nothing, but not getting enough rest leaves me in no fit state to focus on the work I need to get done each day.

I would benefit from some professional help, as constantly swimming and analyzing my stroke has me wondering whether I am moving my hands along the most appropriate trajectory, or whether I should restructure my pool workouts as well as incorporate dry-land exercises. In relation to this, I hope in the not-too-distant future to attend a swim clinic in the U.S. if something suitable can be arranged.

So for the time being, I will as it were continue to feel my way in the dark, although generally speaking I am pleased with the way things are coming. While I had some good swims while living in Kona, I feel that I could do better at any venue in Hawai'i were I to be there now than I did before when I was there. I am about two months into my training for Hapuna next year, and have just over 12 months of training to go.

Today's photos: View from the roof of our Taipei (suburbs) apartment (the tall building behind the hills on the left is the Taipei 101 (storeys) building), as well as views inside. We had this place 20 years, but it is fast becoming just a memory. Life goes on.

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Mark said...

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