Tuesday, June 3, 2008

還在下大雨 More Heavy Rain


(English translation: This morning, because the sky was a little dark, I got out of bed slightly later, and it was 6:30 am before I started swimming. Furthermore, to enable my shoulders to return to normal, I decided to swim somewhat less, and thus felt after 3,750 meters that I had swum enough. How I can improve and swim faster is a question to which I must give much thought. One of my personal goals is to swim 200 meters within 3 minutes. I still need to make a lot of efforts to achieve this!)

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Mark said...

hi bruce
thanks for your comments
what do you swim as a set
do you do pyramids etc
i have a few favourites am sure you would like

Lisa Cummins said...

Hiya Bruce...thanks for the comment! The great thing about sea swimming is that you do have plenty to look at as you swim...real or imagined!! Up until now I've been imagining plenty of scary jellyfish but a few days ago I saw some for real!
You seem to do quite a lot of distance in the pool...well done to you, I know that I'm going to need to do that through the winter and I'm dreading it...not that I've been in the sea a lot I'm bored in the pool! Do you ever get the chance to get to open water over there?

Randy said...

Hey Bruce, I'm still amazed as to what you call light duty on your swims I would consider quite a workout. As far as injuries are concerned, I've had my share with leg injuries while running.

One thing I've learned is to be patient. Take the time to heal then get back at it. Otherwise, you just prolong the down time.